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22/06/2023, ‘Milton in Germany’, Newcastle University tbc

Past Talks & Papers

15/03/2023, ‘Among friends and enemies: An English republican in Swiss exile and his Huguenot circles’, Huguenot Society, London.

24-25/11/2022, ‘The reception of Algernon Sidney in the German Enlightenment’, Colloque Sidney, Université de Caen Normandie.

14/09/2022, ‘Translating English Republican Ideas in Germany’, International Society for Intellectual History (ISIH), Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

08/09/2022, ‘Teaching republican kingship: John Toland’s Anglia libera (1701) and the Hanoverian succession’, Workshop on Experiencing Political Texts, Newcastle University.

03/06/2022, ‘Frauen als politische Denkerinnen in der Englischen Revolution – Republikanische Ideen und Gesellschaftlicher Wandel’, Workshop on Politisches Denken und gesellschaftlicher Wandel in der Englischen Revolution: Aufbruch in die Moderne?, Institut für Politikwissenschaft der Universität Hamburg.

18/10/2021, ‘The language politics of John Toland’s Anglia Libera (1701)’, Workshop on Ideas and Materiality in Europe, c1500-1800, Bibliotheca Augusta, Wolfenbüttel.

16/09/2021, ‘John Toland, the Acta Eruditorum and the reception of English Republican Ideas in Early Modern Germany’, Workshop on Commonwealthmen & Women: The Legacy of English Republicanism in Britain and Europe, Newcastle University.

24/06/2021, ‘Des sieges au temple… pour Mess. les Anglois’ – The International Protestant Networks of Seventeenth-Century English Republicans’, Workshop on Radical Republicanism in Early Modern Europe, Aarhus University.

18/05/2021, ‘English Republican Ideas and Translation Networks in Early Modern Germany, c1640-1848’, Translating Cultures Online-catch-up Workshop.

22/04/2021, ‘Working with Translations in Intellectual History’, Workshop on Ideas and Translation in Early Modern Europe, Newcastle University.

22/03/2021, ‘Layers of Translation – Publishing and Concealing English Radical Ideas in Early Modern Germany’, The Writing of History, Seminar, Newcastle University.

21/01/2021, ‘The English Republican Exiles in Europe during the Restoration and the Challenges of Transnational History’, Institute of Historical Research, London.

04/12/2018, ‘Englische Republikaner im europäischen Exil: Flucht, Freiheit und Komplotte im 17. Jahrhundert’, Kolloquium: Neuere Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit, Institut für Geschichte, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

11-13/10/2018, ‘Regicides, Oligarchists and Proto-Democrats in Seventeenth-Century England’, Crisis and Renewal in the History of Political Thought, Fifth International Conference of the European Society for the History of Political Thought, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

27/06/2018, ‘Reading English republicans in early modern Germany: the case of Algernon Sidney’, Translating Cultures: Translations, Transmission and Dissemination of Printed Texts in Europe 1640-1795, Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

16/05/2018, ‘Exile and refugees’, Workshop on Early-Modern Political Thought and Twenty-First-Century Politics, Lit&Phil, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

18-19/07/2017, ‘A Parliament of Women and the Restoration Crisis’, Workshop on Democracy and Anti-Democracy in Early Modern England 1603-1689, Max Weber-Kolleg, Erfurt, Germany.

04/07/2017, ‘The English Republican Exiles in Europe: A case study of collective intellectual biography’, Workshop on Early-Modern Intellectual Biographies, Newcastle University.

01-03/12/2016, Ideas paper on the English republican exiles and transnational history before the nation state, Political Thought in Times of Crisis, 1640-1660, a symposium at the Folger Institute Center for the History of British Political Thought, Washington, US.

01-02/09/2016, ‘Republicanism, exile and liberty in the seventeenth century’, Academy of Finland, Helsinki.

13/05/2016, ‘Friends and Rivals: English republicanism and Anglo-Dutch relations in the Restoration’, The Glorious Revolution: Transatlantic Perspectives, University of Toulouse, France.

11/02/2016, ‘The English Republican Exiles in Europe’, Republicanism Seminar, organised by Luc Borot and Myriam-Isabelle Ducrocq, University of Montpellier, France.

16/07/2015, ‘The English republican exiles and their cross-confessional networks in Europe post 1660’, Social Networks 1450-1850: An interdisciplinary conference at the University of Sheffield, 16-17 July 2015.

12/05/2015 ‘Wansleben reads Harrington: Wansleben, the Harrington Manuscript, and English Republicanism’, Ludolf und Wansleben – Orientalistik, Politik und Geschichte zwischen Gotha und Afrika 1650-1700, HERA project “Encounters with the Orient in Early Modern Scholarship”, Gotha Research Center of Erfurt University, Germany, 11-13 May 2015.

10/10/2014, ‘The Translation, Distribution and Reception of English Republican Works in the German-speaking area, c 1650-1850’, Workshop on Republicanism, Print, and Notions of Democracy in Early Modern Europe, Northumbria University.

18/08/2014, ‘The Translation, Distribution and Reception of English Republican Works in the German-speaking area, c 1650-1850’, HAB Wolfenbüttel.

03/04/2014, ‘Citizenship and Exile: English republicanism in a transnational context’, The British Conception of Citizenship: History, Changes and Transfers, Université de Toulouse II- Le Mirail.

11/11/2013, ‘English Republicanism in Transnational Context: Edmund Ludlow’s Protestant Network in Seventeenth-Century Switzerland’, Cambridge Seminars in Political Thought and Intellectual History, Cambridge University.

07/11/2013, ‘The English republican exiles in Europe and the Sidney Plot of 1665-66’, History Lab, Sunderland University.

30/10/2013, ‘The English republican exiles in Europe and the Sidney Plot of 1665-66’, History Staff-Student Seminar, Northumbria University.

01/07/2013, ‘Les Juges Jugez, se Justifians (1663) and Edmund Ludlow’s protestant network in seventeenth-century Switzerland’, Intellectual Networks in the Long Seventeenth Century, Durham University.

02/05/2013, ‘Les Juges Jugez, se Justifians (1663) and Edmund Ludlow’s protestant network in seventeenth-century Switzerland’, Continental Connections: Anglo-European Intellectual Networks, c 1500-1800, One-day workshop, Northumbria University.

04/04/2013, ‘Les Juges Jugez, se Justifians (1663) and Edmund Ludlow’s protestant network in seventeenth-century Switzerland’, Franco-British History seminar, Sorbonne/Paris.

12/07/2012, ‘English exiles and the republican tradition in Europe post 1660’, Reading Conference in Early Modern Studies.

06/07/2012, ‘Making and Breaking the Ancient Constitution in Seventeenth-Century England’, Workshop on Symbols of Britishness, Northumbria University.

30/06/11, ‘Vansleb’s Harrington, or “The Fundations & Modell of a Perfect Commonwealth,’ English Republican Ideas and Networks in C17th and C18th Europe, Potsdam University, Germany.

17/06/2011, ‘English Republicanism and the Myth of Anti-Catholicism,’ Profane Imprints on the Sacred: What Religion Owes to Politics, Université Paris-Est, Créteil.

12-14/11/2010, “Republican Religion, or, Of Atheists, Blasphemers, and Pragmatists“, NACBS, Baltimore/Maryland.

19-22/07/2010, (with Thérèse-Marie Jallais) ‘”The Fundations & Modell of a Perfect Commonwealth”: Johann Michael Vansleb (1635-79) as a Harringtonian scholar’, Durham International Conference, University of Durham.

13-14/07/2010, ‘Patriarchalism and the monarchical republic’, Absolutism, Monarchism and Despotism: Historiographical issues and theoretical developments in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in European context, University of Sussex.

30/06/-02/07/2010, ‘Authors Losing Control: The Case of Henry Neville’s The Isle of Pines (1668)’, Medieval and Early Modern Authorship, Second Biennial Conference of the Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies, University of Geneva/ Switzerland.

18/07/09,‘The republican discourse on religious liberty during the Exclusion Crisis’, Republican Exchanges, c. 1550-c. 1850, University of Newcastle.

07/07/09, “’I did not think it worth the taking notice of”: Henry Neville’s critique of patriarchalism”, Authority and Authorities, University of Reading.

17/04/07, ‘”All the conscientious and honest papists”: Exile and Belief Formation of an English Republican: Henry Neville (1619-94),’ In Medias Res: British-Italian Cultural Transaction, British Academy Colloquium, University of Leicester.

30/06/06, with Michaela Mahlberg, ‘Corpus Linguistics in Historical Discourse Analysis – new tools for an old discipline?’ International Conference on Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Discipline, UEA.

13/01/05, ‘Studying a political thinker over a protracted period of political, social, religious and intellectual upheaval: the case of Henry Neville,’ Video-Conference with the University of Pittsburgh/ USA, UEA.

06/04/04, ‘Masculine women and effeminate men: (anti-) patriarchal rhetoric in seventeenth-century republican discourse,’ Interdisciplinary Conference on ‘Masculinity, Patriarchy and Power,’ University of Southampton.

04/11/03, ‘Meaning and (mis-)understanding in the history of ideas: Henry Neville’s Isle of Pines,’ Conference on ‘Political language’ at UEA.

14/09/03, ‘Women in Parliament and the politics of patriarchalism: gendered discourse in seventeenth-century pamphlet literature,’ Women’s History Network Conference/ Aberdeen.

20/03/03, ‘Republicanism as Anti-Patriarchalism,’ Research Seminar for British History in the Seventeenth Century, Institute of Historical Research/ London.

24/01/03, ‘A Parliament of Ladies und die Öffentlichkeit des Privaten: politischer Diskurs im England des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts’, Conference ‚Offen und Verborgen,’ Max-Planck-Institut für Geschichte/ Göttingen.

22/01/03, ‘Henry Neville und die republikanische Kultur im England des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts,’ Research Seminar for Early Modern History at Humboldt-University/ Berlin.

09/11/02, ‘A Parliament of Ladies and the publicness of the private,’ PG workshop at UEA.

08/05/02, ‘Henry Neville and English Republican Culture,’ German Association for the Study of British History and Politics at Mühlheim/ Ruhr (Germany).

12/04/02, ‘State Formation and the History of Ideas,’ State Symposium: A New History of the State, UEA.


‘The English Republican Exiles in Europe during the Restoration’, New Books Network, 27 November 2020.

‘The English Republican Exiles in Europe’, Franco-British History Seminar, Sorbonne, Paris, 4 April 2013.

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