Copenhagen’s Design Museum sparkles with new ideas

Previously famed for its exhibition of Danish chairs, the Design Museum in Copenhagen reopened on Sunday sparkling with an exhibition about the design of the future influenced both by the challenges of climate change and the experiences of the pandemic. The tour winding through the newly refurbished rooms takes you from soft walls made of… Continue reading Copenhagen’s Design Museum sparkles with new ideas


Museums are living things that evolve with us

Located at a small distance from the street markets, old factory buildings and designer shops in hipstery Shoreditch there is London’s Museum of the Home. From a distance, the complex looks a bit like an eighteenth-century hospital or a school, set in ample grounds with a well maintained lawn. As a matter of fact, the… Continue reading Museums are living things that evolve with us

A Museum full of Statues

As a country that has seen empire, Nazi dictatorship, two world wars, division and reunification, Germany has a lot of experience with unwanted monuments and statues. Some of them are now kept in the former provisions depot on the grounds of the Spandau Citadel in Berlin where you can see, among others, statues of Prussian… Continue reading A Museum full of Statues

Experiencing museums in times of crisis

Now that the lockdown is easing in many parts of Germany I thought it would be a good idea to visit a few museums. It was definitely nice to be out and about again  despite the ongoing pandemic, but following social distancing rules in smaller local museums was clearly not easy. My first trip took… Continue reading Experiencing museums in times of crisis

Meeting Jacob Boehme in Dresden

I had a few days off work and went on a spontaneous trip to Dresden for some quiet writing time. Naturally, once I got there I spent more time wandering around the city and enjoying the sights in the last rays of the autumn sun than actually writing, and so I stumbled upon this little… Continue reading Meeting Jacob Boehme in Dresden